Luiz Badaró & Linda Yudin
Afro-Brazilian Dance

Luiz Badaró is a master dancer, choreographer and musician from Salvador, Bahia residing in Los Angeles. He is the co-artistic director for Viver Brasil Dance Company who opened the Hollywood Bowl's Summer World Music Festival's Brazil Nights. He was the resident guest artist with Cheremoya Escola de Samba from 1996-1999 and Do Brasil from 1995-1996. He has taught at Occidental and Moorpark Colleges in Southern California and at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and in Angola, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen and London. He also works with Lulu and Afro Brazil, led the drum extravaganza with Ricky Marin at the Grammy Awards and teaches capoeira throughout southern California.

He was trained as a dancer and musician by Raimundo B. dos Santos, AKA Mestre King. In 1970, Mr. Badaró began performing professionally with many of Bahia's premier folkloric companies such as Olodumare, Viva Bahia and Grupo Oxum and Grupo Bale do SESC. He has been involved with numerous cultural projects representing Afro-Brazilian culture both in Brazil and throughout Europe and Africa with Bahia Axe Bahia. At the age of twenty, because of his exceptional talent both as a dancer adn musician and instructor, he began teaching Afro-Brazilian dance in elementary and secondary schools and in dance and music schools and professional academies. He has choreographed over one hundred choreographies and arranged many percussion and song arrangements for both professional companies adn youth ensembles. He has received numerous choreographic awards both in Bahia and throughout Brazil in the National Student Games which include dance and music presentations, among others.

Mr. Badaró's powerhouse Afro-Brazilian dance classes include: dances of the Candomble orixa (deity) tradition and various northeastern folkloric dance traditions. Contemporary classes include Badaro's own unique brand of Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance which fuses traditional, modern and jazz forms. Contemporary classes also include carnival forms of dance called afro and samba-reggae.

Linda Yudin is a dance ethnologist/dancer specializing in Brazilian dance primarily from the Norhteastern region. She received her master's degree in Dance at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently on the dance faculty at Santa Monica College and has taught at UCLA, Stanford University and the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Ms. Yudin is the co-artistic director for Viver Brasil Dance Company and the former co-director for Cheremoya Escola de Samba. Since 1986 she has been researching and studying dance with Raimundo B. dos Santos - Mestre King, Luiz Badaro, and Augusto Omolu. She has since lectured, taught, published and performed Brazilian dance in the US, Brazil and South Africa. Ms. Yudin has produced and consulted on many community arts festivals such as the Los Angeles Festival, consulted on WNET's DANCING project and leads cultural and educational tours to Brazil with Caribbean Music and Dance Programs. She has been an individual artist grant recipient from the City of Los Angeles.


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