Delane Vaughn

Delane Vaughn, an incredibly talented performer and choreographer, has been teaching jazz at the Dance Arts Academy since its opening in 2000, but his experience as a teacher has encompassed over twenty years. His style is challenging and unique because it combines strong ballet "barre," modern lines, West African and jazz movements. Delane is able to adapt and choreograph to any variety of rhythms or musical patterns, from classical jazz to hip-hop, from tango to Arabic melodies, without losing his powerful identity. Delane's jazz classes represent an irreplaceable opportunity for study and discovery.

Delane's hip hop classes are as engaging and exciting. Their strong cardio vascular movements develop and strengthen the dancers, while daring them to remember quick and complex combinations. Delane has been featured in The Los Angeles Magazine for having the best workout in L.A. and recognized by Allure Magazine as one of the best exercise dance instructors in the nation.

With a credo of "commitment is success," Delane currently teaches jazz at UCLA and at the Hollywood Dance Center. He has previously taught at other prestigious institutions and studios, such as The California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and the Pasadena Dance Center. He has been invited by Westside Ballet and San Pedro Ballet to teach master jazz classes.


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