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Carla Luna is widely recognized for her eloquent and lyrical dance style. Her fine artistry and dedication to the Art of Flamenco has earned her the respect and admiration she has enjoyed throughout her extensive career. She toured worldwide with such prestigious Spanish Ballets as the Jose Greco Company and the Lola Montes Company, and she danced in Madrid, Sevilla, and Mallorca, Spain for a decade with many renowned Flamenco artists. As a soloist she performed in the dance companies of Ballet Espanol de Paco Mundo y Maria Velasquez, Alhambra Ballet Espanol, and Rafael Cruz Ballet Espanol. and performed for many years in such well known flamenco tablaos as Corral de la Pacheca in Madrid and Los Rombos in Mallorca. While working in Spain she had the privilege to study with such flamenco masters as Matilde Coral, Rafael el Negro, "El Farruco", La Tati, Ciro. She also studied authentic Jota with the master, Pedro Azorin.

With classical training in Los Angeles under the ballet maestra Carmelita Maracci, "Escuela Bolera" with Jose Fernandez, and in many other dance disciplines, including jazz, modern, and afro-cuban, Carla brings a wealth of experience to her work. As a highly regarded teacher and choreographer she has been invited to teach Workshops, Master Classes, and lecture programs in numerous colleges and universities such as Pomona College, and CalArts, and to choreograph productions for the Orange County High School for the Arts, City Hearts Performing Arts, Southern Oregon State College Dance Collective and for many other professional dancers. She founded the Carla Luna Flamenco Dance Ensemble, which toured from 1991 to 1994, and presented her company in traditional programs rich with the cultural heritage of Spanish music and dance. In addition to teaching the Flamenco Classes at Dance Arts Academy, Carla Luna has been an adjunct professor at Santa Monica College since 2002, teaching in both the Dance and Theatre Departments.

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